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With 9 proven Hair Loss technologies combined synergistically, you simply get the best results!

Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems is a clinically proven hair revitalizing system which has been developed by doctors and hair loss experts as an easy convenient multi-step solution to eliminate the major cause of genetic hair loss and other hair and scalp disorders.

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Clarify  is designed to break up and dissolve sebum, which often clogs hair follicles, enabling more targeted absorption of topical stimulators like Stimulate and Fortify.


Stimulate  is a high-performance new enhanced minoxidil topical formula that is enhanced with 11 powerful DHT fighting ingredients for maximum effectiveness, combining Saw Palmetto Extract; a powerful DHT fighting ingredient designed to combat the progression of aging hair. Stimulate also contains Aloe, a known soothing agent.

This product is recommended for men and women with aggressive thinning/aging hair concerns.

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Fortify Serum

Fortify is a unique, natural herbal formula packed with11 DHT fighting ingredients and is rich with high-performance nutrients to help revive thin, dull, damaged, and aging hair.

Fortify is a superior, natural formula designed to help stimulate your hair and scalp naturally, with its high percentage of Panthenol and Cysteine; a keratin protein, essential for strong, healthy hair.

Fortify Serum revitalizes and conditions the hair and scalp encouraging healthier, fuller, and thicker looking hair. A slower process but has a powerful impact.

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Total Hair Nutrient & DHT Inhibitor

Hair Grass Total Hair Nutrient & DHT Inhibitor  was developed to help your hair look stronger, fuller, and revitalize faster.  

• Designed to be safe for both men and women of all ethnicities who want to seriously address  their male or female pattern baldness.  

• One step oral solution inhibits DHT and gives your hair the nutrients it needs to thrive optimally while fighting DHT, which attacks your hair and miniaturize the follicles over time. 

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  • Hair Grass Systems

    I was feeling very defeated and frustrated that I couldn't find a solution to help with my hair loss. I visited numerous dermatologists for help. None of them were able to help and kept prescribing strong medications. After using the Hair Grass system, my hair loss is under control, and I am able to see results. ~ Ayana 12/21

  • Hair Loss Solutions

    My hair is much stronger and healthier. ~ Ms. Carter 1/22

  • Hair Loss Therepy

    Areas where I previously had no hair for years have hair growing in. Some areas where I had no hair loss are noticeably thicker. My hair used to shed when washing, this is no longer the case. Flaking also no longer occurs. Hair Grass Hair Systems have been a positive aspect to my personal hair care routine - great self-care. ~ Sam 01/22

  • Scalp Treatment

    My hair is not shedding, or itching any longer. There is growth, because now she can braid my hair! ~ Donna 07/22

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Hair Grass Solutions in Jacksonville offers unparalleled quality and expertise in hair loss the industry.

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  • Hair Growth Systems

    Hair Grass products promotes a healthier scalp environment, fuller, thicker healthy-looking hair..

  • Hair Restoration

    Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems combines the most effective, gentle ingredients, in custom developed formulas, to work synergistically for maximum effectiveness.

  • You Can Regrow Your Hair

    Proven to be safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities and all types of hair.

  • Natural Hair Grow Solutions

    We have three easy step systems to choose from.

    *Starter Kit - Keratin Boost+

    *Hair Revitalizing Systems - Chemical

    *Hair Revitalizing Systems - Natural

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Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing System is a clinically proven hair growth system. For Hair Loss Solutions in Jacksonville Florida, Call for a Trichologist appointment today.

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