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Seborrheic Dermatitis Trio

Seborrheic Dermatitis Trio

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This gentle formula will clarify, cleanse and hydrate both hair and scalp. Great for individuals experiencing an inflamed scalp, dry hair, and/or excessive shedding.

Clarify - Revitalize your scalp by removing excessive sebum oils and debris. Works beneath the scalp surface to increase the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle's roots. Clarify contains a high concentration of B vitamins to help strengthen hair and significantly aids in the penetration of topical hair-thinning products, including Fortify & Stimulate Minoxidil, for maximum effectiveness.

Restore ShampooA unique herbal formula free of harsh chemicals to cleanse the hair and scalp gently.  

  • Free of Sulfates, Cocamide DEA, and Parabens 
  • Includes 11 DHT Inhibitors to Help Reduce Hair from Thinning 
  • Restores the Appearance of Stronger, Healthier, Fuller Looking Hair 
  • non-irritating ingredients are combined with 11 of the best herbal DHT inhibitors to help minimize thinning.  

Nutrify Conditioner -  Nutrify Conditioner provides all the essential vitamins and minerals the hair shaft needs, restoring moisture. It’s the only product on the market with 25 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary for hair health, providing the look of fullness and shine to all hair types.  

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